Nail Trims

It is a crucial component of maintaining your pet’s health and hygiene.
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A good grooming schedule for your pet includes more than just regular baths and brushing. It’s also important to trim their nails on a regular basis. In addition to preventing painful scratches, doing so also prevents pain and discomfort for your pet. It is a crucial component of maintaining your pet’s health and hygiene and something that should not be overlooked. 

Unfortunately, many pets experience anxiety during nail trims or simply don’t like having their paws touched. At Center Veterinary Clinic, we are here to help. We provide pet nail trims in Novato and will assist you in maintaining your furry friend’s claws.

The Importance of Regular Nail Trims

Keeping your dog or cat’s nails neatly trimmed isn’t just cosmetic. It also prevents pain and injuries that could result in irreversible damage. Long claws reduce traction and cause animals to walk with a splayed foot. This can lead to tendon injuries and paw deformities. And when the end of a long nail touches the ground, it puts additional stress on the foot and leg, which contributes to arthritis. 

When left untrimmed, pet nails form a curved shape. Eventually, it can curl under far enough to dig into the paw pads, causing pain and infections. Longer nails are also more likely to snag on clothing, furniture, and carpet. This can damage the outer layer of the nail, exposing the quick. Your pet may also injure them self by trying to dislodge a stuck nail. 
Pet Nail Trims in Novato

Pet Nail Trims in Novato

If your pet needs a nail trim in Novato, let us give them a perfect paw-dicure! With our help, keeping up with your pet’s nail-trimming needs doesn’t have to be difficult. Please reach out to our friendly office staff today to learn more or schedule an appointment for your canine companion or feline friend. Same-day appointments are available for your convenience.

we are here to help!

Center Veterinary Clinic provides professional nail trims for pets in Novato, San Rafael, San Anselmo, Fairfax, Petaluma, and the surrounding areas.
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Urgent care same day appointments and walk in’s are available.

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